Harmony Day 2019

Everyone Belongs

This year we celebrated Harmony Day with a whole school assembly.
Miki Sensei, year 5 Hamdan and year 5/6 Dixon led the school in singing a song in English and Japanese titled, Everyone Belongs. Mrs Chatto read, ‘I’m Australian too’  and some of our peer leaders added a few extra pages telling their stories. Each class presented a canvas they had prepared giving their class message on how we can all belong, the canvases are now displayed in ‘Harmony Lane’ which is in the walkway behind the stage. 

After assembly we moved into our year group teams and participated in playground games. The aim of this session was to teach the students new games to play during recess and lunch, students were introduced to many old favourites: marbles, elastics, skipping, fly and many more engaging games. The concept of belonging and inclusivity prevailed throughout the games session with everyone having a positive and enjoyable morning.