year 3 inquiry

In Year3, students have been exploring the uniqueness and similarities of individuals and communities. They are on a journey of self-examination and have been developing their understanding of uniqueness along the way.

Students are using a range of new skills to help answer the classes’ key inquiry questions of…… 
– How do people see themselves?
– How do symbols, events, individuals and places in my community       make it unique?
– How do people contribute to their communities, past and present?

Students have been exploring the many facets of communities through the lens of a ‘Market Place’ and beginning to categorise our understanding of different communities by looking at how symbols, events, individuals and places in each community make it unique.

Last week we had a local market stall holder come in to discuss her business with the class. She presented her business model, products and discussed how her business contributes the local community. ‘Twisted Pots’ was a great example of a small business operating in our local market space. The class were so excited to discuss their new findings with each other and relate these understandings to the learning that has been happening in the classroom. 

Jump online and check out all the products that Twisted Pots has available.