Girraween OSHC believes that children have the right to be cared for in a warm, safe and stimulating environment that is responsive to their individual needs and enhances their dignity, well-being and interests. The best interests of the children are our paramount concern. We acknowledge the values of working in cooperation with families and at all times respect their values and beliefs in relation to their child.

We respect the individual’s cultural, social and family background and endeavour to honour all avenues of traditions and religions in our service. Children and families from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island backgrounds have their cultural diversity valued among the staff and children in the centre. Girraween OSHC encourages, values and respects our community.

Activities and programs offered to children will be in accordance with the current early learning framework using ‘My Time, Our Place’. Children also have input into planning and activities are designed to meet their interests.

The quality care and the nature of the environment shall ensure the health and well-being of the child is nurtured and protected. Children will be provided with opportunities for learning through play and active exploration of the environment and each child's contribution will be valued. We support a child driven approach to our program. We encourage and welcome open discussions with families, children, school council and other relevant community members with regards to every aspect of our service.

Children will experience an environment in which they are supported as individuals and encouraged to develop their independence as well as discovering different ways to be creative while expressing themselves. We will act as an advocate for children in relation to child protection issues. Girraween OSHC recruits educators who uphold our philosophies and beliefs.


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