Year 5 Camp 2019

Year 5 Camp 2019


Our year five students all had a fantastic time at their Adventure Bound camp. Camps cannot happen without adults giving up their time to organise and attend them. Thank you to Mrs Ilic and Mr Dixon for organising the camps. Thank you to Rebecca, Peter, Maria, Tanya, Chelsea, Matt, Ms Phillips and Mr Dixon for attending the camps. Our camping champion, Mrs Kimm spent the whole week at camp and looked after students with illnesses or injuries as well as participating in all activities. Your stamina is both admired and appreciated, Mrs Kimm.

Year 4 Camp 2019

Year 4 Camp 2019


Our year 4 students went to the Batchelor Outdoor Education Centre and enjoyed their first school camp experience. They enjoyed the challenges and their time they spent together. Thank you Mrs Wahlqvist and Mrs Rust for giving the students the opportunity to attend camp, we appreciate that you have given up time with your families to make this happen. Thank you also to Sam, Brad, Josh and Joanne who are the parents and grandmother who attended this camp. We could not have camps without volunteers and we appreciate your support.

Sports Carnival 2019

Sports Carnival


We had a wonderful 2 days with the school ablaze with colours for our Athletics Carnival. It was great to see the excellent sportsmanship and have a go attitude of the students. We had a day of field events and a day of track events. On Friday morning we will had a presentation assembly to conclude our Sports Carnival. A big thank you goes to Mrs Scanlan for all of her hard work preparing the students, planning the events and coordinating the teachers to ensure every child has a chance to participate and enjoy the day. Thank you also to all staff for their positive and proactive work with the students, the enthusiasm and support provided by staff help even the most reluctant child to ‘have a go.’

National No Bullying Day 2019

National No Bullying Day


The peer leaders planned a day of action for the whole school on National No Bullying Day. All classes taught some lessons around the difference between being mean, conflict, teasing and bullying. They also talked about the role of the bystander and how we can support others who are being bullied. We assembled on the oval for a whole school photo to share our no bullying message, we added our hands to a mural and launched two new buddy seats. Congratulations peer leaders on organising a very educational day which will help us all to get along in the future.


Harmony Day 2019

Harmony Day 2019

Everyone Belongs

This year we celebrated Harmony Day with a whole school assembly.
Miki Sensei, year 5 Hamdan and year 5/6 Dixon led the school in singing a song in English and Japanese titled, Everyone Belongs. Mrs Chatto read, ‘I’m Australian too’  and some of our peer leaders added a few extra pages telling their stories. Each class presented a canvas they had prepared giving their class message on how we can all belong, the canvases are now displayed in ‘Harmony Lane’ which is in the walkway behind the stage. 

After assembly we moved into our year group teams and participated in playground games. The aim of this session was to teach the students new games to play during recess and lunch, students were introduced to many old favourites: marbles, elastics, skipping, fly and many more engaging games. The concept of belonging and inclusivity prevailed throughout the games session with everyone having a positive and enjoyable morning.