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Year 3 Inquiry

In Year 3, students have been exploring the uniqueness and similarities of individuals and communities. They are on a journey of self-examination and have been developing their understanding of uniqueness along the way.

Dance, Drama and Music!

This year in Early Years Arts (dance, drama and music), we are discovering a variety of communicative skills and strategies. Our focus is on using facial expressions, body language, sounds, movement, props and costumes to convey messages.

Inquiry on Diversity
Years 4,5 and 6

In J1 we have been discussing the rights of children. We have studied the UN convention of the Rights of the Child to help with our investigations and how they apply to our own classroom problems. 

In H1 and H2 we have been discussing how we are all diverse.  We found out that we originated from lots of different countries, making us very multicultural. 

In D block we have been discussing diversity and how our genetics make us different. 

Year 2 Brains

Year 2s have been inspired by the story The Wizard of Oz and the Scarecrow’s problem with having a head full a straw.  The song “If I only had a brain” from the movie The Wizard of Oz has sparked us to have many wonderings about Our Brains…

Year 5/6 Inquiry

The Year 5/6 classes are exploring the concepts of diversity, identity, change and responsibility through their inquiry learning this term. They are think about and asking the big questions: How are we diverse? What are our personal and social responsibilities? Find out more below!